A Love Affair

The glistening rays of the sun kisses Lavandula & whispers a soft “Good Morning” into her ears. The cool breeze brushes past her dainty body, tingles her and  makes her smile. It’s a new day, a special day. She believes that something wonderful was destined to happen that day.

She realizes, that time had taken a leap and what she has was in full bloom. Draped in violet and green, she looks stunning. As she smiles at everyone around, her poise and the lingering fragrance sets her apart.

Image shot at Royal Observatory Greenwich

In the crowd, there is this young man dressed in a yellow and black striped suit, watching her through his large eyes. There is something alluring about her that attracts him so intensely. Lavandula feels those big eyes and smiles. Despite being strangers, they share a feeling tender yet passionate, loving yet wild, a feeling they never felt before today. An emotion which was magical. Bombus makes his move,reaches out to Lavandula  and without hesitation looks deep into her eyes and embraces her. It is an uncontrollable emotion on both the sides. Their lips lock, he tastes the sweet nectar and they drift to that point of ecstasy.

It is love at first sight!

It was my imagination of a real time love affair…the FIZZ moment of a bumble bee and a lavender.


Love Affair : A romantic and sexual relationship between lovers.

Bombus are large, fuzzy insects with short, stubby wings, popularly known as bumble bee. With over 250 species, they are some of the most social creatures in the animal kingdom. They are the most important agricultural pollinators and release pollen by a process called Buzz pollination. They feed on nectar and pollen produced by flowers. The sugary nectar provides the bees with energy while the pollen provides them with protein.

Lavandula is a flowering plant in the mint family which is known to have 47 different species. Lavender as it’s commonly called, derives its name from “lavare” (Latin meaning ‘to wash’) or “livendulo” (Latin name for ‘bluish’).These flowers yield abundant nectar, making it the favorite for bumble bees.