Trust your Instincts

Image shot in London

“I have finally made it!” Says Jonathan, overlooking the cityscape, with tears in his tired eyes. He was consumed with swirls of intense emotions—pride, excitement, fear, and joy. It had been a long journey, traversed over several years and thousands of miles. But now he stood puzzled, unable to fathom the unfolding situation. The city of his dreams beckoned him and he was scared to fly the last mile?

Jonathan was born in a poor family where his parents had to work very hard for sustenance. They were deprived of the basic amenities, so education was far-fetched. But Jonathan being a dreamer, wanted to fly high. He convinced his father to send him to a school which provided free education. There were hardships on the way but he was determined. Time passed and he moved out of home with a scholarship for higher studies. Project submissions, study hours and an evening job kept him so busy, that his visits back home reduced with every passing year. His parents missed him, but never complained. They were proud of their son and wanted him to live his dreams.

They say “Your reality is the reflection of your strongest belief “. A job with a reputed organization was the turning point in his life. Dreams actualized and he yearned to go new places and scale new heights. Bigger the aspirations, greater were the levels of commitment and he never shied away from them. In his quest, he traveled extensively and finally reached the city of his dreams.

During these years of staying away from home, he had lost his mother and his father’s health conditions had deteriorated. If he took this job, he would be away from his father for a very long time. A tricky situation it was! His mind was turbulent with mixed feelings.

Didn’t he work hard to reach this far? Wasn’t it his responsibility to take care of his father in his old age? Was he ready to give this up now? It was decision making time!

Whatever be the decision, he will win and lose at the same time.

Sometimes our intuitive feelings guide us in a particular direction and we need to stay open to recognize them. We need to remember that it’s perfectly fine to change direction if that’s where our intuition is pointing.

It’s was a big move and Jonathan was ready to embark on a new journey. He spread his wings and took off ………. In a direction opposite to the city.

He was travelling back home!

This could be a FIZZ moment for few and a FUZZ moment for others. Totally depends on your priorities.

Which would you choose?

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Image shot near London Eye


Instinct – inborn pattern of behavior often responsive to specific stimuli.It is something which you don’t need to learn but happens naturally without you thinking about it .We also call it the “gut feeling”