Magic Bubbles

One windy evening in 2017, sitting beside the Thames, I am trying to plan my itinerary for the next day .There is music and laughter all around me. It’s a busy promenade with kids prancing, lovers walking hand in hand and street artists playing music, a pleasant cacophony I must say.

While I am immersed in the city guide book, a small bubble floats towards me and bursts right over my book, distracting me. I notice that a bubble maker had just started his show and the kids were going frenzy, bursting every bubble that came their way.

While I watch them playing, I observe a little girl dressed in yellow skipping down the path. From between her curly hair, blowing all over her face, she winks at me and crosses over to join the other children. They wave at each other and run towards the bubble maker begging for more. The young man dips his ring in a bucket of soap solution, lifts it up meticulously and jiggles it, releasing a series of bubbles and then the mischievous breeze drifts these soapy balls in all directions. It was a sight to watch! Iridescent globules floating in the air, ephemeral, yet magical.


Image shot at The Thames, London

Time machine reversed its gears  taking me back to 1980.The sunflower girl in her yellow dress was merrily blowing bubbles through the wire ring that her dad had made. As she blew, her friends went jumping all around to pop them. The joy of pricking those shimmering balls was the same.

The chill in the wind, brings me back to the present day and I realize it is time to head back. The sunflower girl too has to return. As she turns around, the bubble maker walks towards her, smiles and says, “Mam, it would be great if you can drop a pound as a token of appreciation.”

She is taken aback, in her journey from the 1980 to 2017, the bubble moved from being priceless to a being worth a pound.

She drops a pound in his hat lying on the ground and walks back. That’s when I notice her face which seemed strangely familiar. It dawned to me that she looked a lot like me, laughed like me and was even dressed like me. She was the little sunflower kid within me and I am glad I rediscovered her today.

The fragile bubbles, brought back the FIZZ within me. I gather the hemline of my yellow dress, walk towards the road humming a song from my past….” I am forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air….”



A soap bubble is an extremely thin film of soapy water enclosing air that forms a hollow sphere with an iridescent surface. They usually last for only a few seconds before bursting, either on their own or on contact with another object. Assembling several bubbles results in a foam.