A date with Mr.Skeleton

Skeletons smile, Pumpkins leer

Ghosts clap, Witches cheer

– Rusty Fischer

Here I was, waiting for my physiotherapy session for an ailment which was both profession and lifestyle induced. Located in the basement, the clinic which had limited internet connectivity, restricted my access to emails and social media. There were no other patients in waiting with whom I could strike up a conversation so the only way to while away time was to browse through magazines lying on the table.

As I finished flipping through few of them, I had a weird feeling … that I was not alone, that someone was staring at me intensely. I looked around and was surprised that I had company. A fragile looking guy at the corner of the room, smiling and trying hard to grab my attention. My first impression…”Naah ! Not my type”. He was neither impressive in appearance nor charming enough, for me to give him the attention he was seeking. With due respect to skinny people, I felt intimidated at the sight of his bony anatomy.

Despite my disinterest, he made another attempt to speak before turning away murmuring,  “One day you will realize and repent for not giving me the importance ”  

“O Really! You must be joking!” I glared at his sunken eyes as I walked briskly across the room towards the doctor’s cabin. As if to tease me, he then flashed a smile at me which further irritated me. With an intention to lodge a complaint against him, I glanced at his name badge… freak with a bizarre name, Mr. Skeleton.

My meeting with the doctor was not very pleasant. He confirmed some serious issues in the bones due to which the nerves travelling to my hands were getting effected. This resulted in the lack of strength and mobility in my right hand. He asked me to get a few X-rays and tests done and wait in the lobby for the test reports. I was nervous at the thought of any dysfunction in my right hand and while I waited wondering about the course of action, our eyes met again.

Flashback- Old acquaintance

Travelling back to my Biology classes in school, I recollected reading a lot about Mr Skeleton. He was a multi-talented guy with a framework of 206 pieces of bones, small, big, round, thin, thick all types along with a network of tendons, ligaments and cartilage that connected them. He performed vital functions like support, movement, protection, blood cell production, calcium storage and endocrine regulation — that enabled us to survive.

No, I am not writing an in-depth study of the Skeleton System but even these few lines highlight the quantum of work he did for me.

My thoughts paused, when the doctor called for me to discuss the reports. Along with the diagnosis, he also told that the problem was more to do with lifestyle and lack of exercise. He said  …”You guys are so busy with your professional career and social commitments that you neglect your very personal self. You ignore the problems at the initial stage although your body gives you enough indications. You forget that your bones require more importance than your looks.” After having a short chat with him about the remedial process, I walked out of the clinic with a vexed feeling. I was annoyed at my callous approach and that’s when we cross paths again.

He was still hanging around ? (Of course we would be ! He was a wall poster hung in the clinic lobby)

One hour had changed my outlook towards this guy. With regret and humility, I apologized to him for my past behavior. He flashed the same smile again (with the dentures showing up) and whispered, “I have always been your friend since the day you were born. We have grown up together and despite your efforts to ignore me I will always be there to prompt you when you go wrong. Don’t judge me by my looks “

Ha Ha Ha ! I had befriended a guy with the worst look, a huge attitude and a pool of talent. An uncalled date in a clinic and definitely a memorable evening ♥

Driving back I remembered a joke …

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to see the scary movie?

A: Because he did not have the guts!!

But my friend today surely did have the guts . LOL!!!!!

Was this a fizz moment? Not really … It was a fuzz moment converted into a fizz moment. Try and make every moment a fizz one 🙂